Larry Leung

Ajax Ward 2 Candidate

Local Council

my promise

  1. To encourage community engagement
  2. To let people know that municipal government is accessible
  3. To engage in the development of the Town of Ajax and work with the people for what matters most


  1. Find ways to leverage technology to deliver existing services more cost effectively while making sure the change management processes are fully vetted
  2. Figuring out what economic development initiatives are possible and how much risk the town can afford
  3. Improving community safety

financial disclosure

$310.75 (Tax Included) on 100 Bag Signs

$78.05 (Tax Included) on 1500 Business Cards (Only physical promotional material printed)

$14.68 (Tax Included) on domain name

~$60.00 on Digital Advertising (Updated October 20th)

Total : $463.48

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My Home

Since 2010, I’ve been able to say that I’m extremely proud to live in the Town of Ajax and that serving as a local councillor for Ward 2 would be an honour that I would not take lightly.

Ward 2

Why am I running in Ward 2 when I live in Ward 3?

My belief is that Ward 2 gives me the best shot at representing the electors of Ajax and that my responsiveness and willingness to serve would be able to overcome this location challenge. My primary responsibility would be to the electors of Ward 2 however I’m never one to shy away from a problem or question that anyone would want to raise with me. A map of ward 2 to is provided.

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